Introducing the eagle LIGHT

  In a year of turbulence and unknowns, Optalert are pleased to bring you some exciting news. Optalert’s early warning drowsiness detection system has now been developed specifically to suit light vehicles such as: 4WD’s, DualCabs, small commercial vehicles. The eagle LIGHT is a small form factor device which pairs with Optalert wireless glasses.  Robust and ruggedized in design, its compact size system, easy installation, and startup/shutdown with vehicle ignition, make it ideal for smaller commercial vehicles. Building on the 20 years of R&D that created the scientifically validated Johns [...]

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Safely navigating through a crisis

2020 will go down as one of the most difficult for companies and leaders around the world.  The corona virus has taken lives, isolated families, closed airports and put a fear into many like never before.  Whilst most of us have had the privilege of a stable life occupied with routine, the future is now filled with uncertainty and disruption.  As our new normal evolves, some organizations will be strong enough to survive, but a great number will fold. Leaders have never been more challenged to guide their teams through [...]

Supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives

Connecting the physical world with the digital world Industry 4.0 fundamentally changes the way in which businesses create and capture value. This shift is enabled by a set of technologies including autonomous robots, simulation technology, system integration, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, cloud computing, additive manufacturing, augmented reality and big data. Industry 4.0 technologies have been around for a while individually, but more recently, they have begun to influence and impact each other.  Enabled by the internet and a desire to significantly reduce costs, businesses can now take advantage [...]

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