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Distraction, Drowsiness & Child Presence: Top 5 Features to Evaluate in a Driver Monitoring System

Optalert CMO Paul Zubrinich wrote this piece for end consumers to assess the main features in driver monitoring systems when buying a car.

University of Iowa Research Sheds Light on Drowsy Driving…

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It’s currently impossible to accurately determine the number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities caused by drowsy driving, but numbers increase yearly.

Driver Monitoring Systems: Smile for the Camera!

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To enhance safety on our roads, the EU’s General Safety Regulation (GSR) is mandating the use of driver monitoring systems to detect levels of drowsiness and distraction for drivers in new automotive vehicles.

Driver Monitoring Systems: Driving Made Safer

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Driver monitoring systems (DMS) that observe factors such as eyelid movements, gaze, heart rate and ECG can significantly improve road safety by accurately detecting a driver’s state and deterring them from driving in an unfit condition.

Drowsiness Detection – InCabin Insights Interview with Paul Zubrinich, CMO at Optalert

In this must-see interview with Paul Zubrinich, Chief Marketing Officer at Optalert and Carl Anthony, AutoVision News, you’ll hear exclusive insights into the fast-paced world of the in-cabin sector and the latest observations that are reshaping the industry.

Find out ‘How Automotive OEMs make technology decisions’ with Paul Zubrinich from Optalert

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In this article, Paul Zubrinich, Chief Marketing Officer at Optalert, provides us with a detailed look at how automotive OEMs navigate the complex technology landscape.

Measuring Driver Drowsiness – InCabin Insights – An interview with Paul Zubrinich CMO at Optalert

What is Optalert’s experience in measuring drowsiness in the field? How do Optalert see this technology reaching maturity or possible maturity in the automotive sector?

An interview with Simon Block, CTO at Optalert

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We had an exclusive interview with Simon Block, CTO at Optalert, read below to hear about what he had to say.

An interview with Trefor Morgan, General Manager R&D, Optalert

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Dr. Trefor Morgan heads up the R&D team at Optalert, a company specialising in blepharometry (eyelid movements) and drowsiness detection. We caught up with him for the latest on how this technology is developing.

Robo Truckers and the AI-Fueled Future of Transport

Concerns about artificial intelligence replacing long-haul drivers are not new, but the real story is more nuanced.