About Us

Optalert is an innovative medtech company and leader in the field of Drowsiness and Wakefulness detection and monitoring.

Optalert developed the world’s leading algorithm to quantify deterioration in cognitive brain function due to drowsiness – The Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS). This remains the only scientifically proven, objective measurement of drowsiness. 

The JDS is used worldwide in research for accurately quantifying drowsiness levels, protecting thousands of lives and valuable company assets across multiple industries. Our clients include BHP Billiton, Vale and NASA. Our research partners include the Harvard Medical School, Monash University, and the University of Queensland. 

Optalert is a Medical Technology company pioneering the use of Blepharometry (the measurement of blinks) to measure drowsiness. Optalert discovered a key biomarker for drowsiness, the connection between brain function and eyelid movement. 

Optalert is now turning its extensive expertise in Blepharometry and Artificial Intelligence to identify the biomarkers for other degradations to neurological brain function in conditions such as Epilepsy (due to onset of seizures), ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, TBI, concussion and motor neuron disease.