Optalert and the mining industry

Predictive drowsiness technology for maximum productivity

Optalert is the only predictive drowsiness safety system in the world that continuously provides scientifically-validated, objective alertness information to both drivers and supervisors in real-time.

The continuous flow of information offers two layers of protection against the dangers of drowsiness and allows all parties to monitor the associated risk, initiating proactive measures before reaching dangerous levels. This is key in both Mining and Transport applications.   

Optalert’s technology identifies: 

  • Operators with the highest risk of drowsiness 
  • Places or locations on site of route with the highest probability of risk incidents 
  • The period or time of greatest risk for your operations 
  • Most productive periods 
  • Actions taken to contain imminent risks 

How does it work?  

 This graph shows Optalert results from a mining site in 2018, showing a rapid decline in drowsy drivers and the number of alert warnings: 

Mining organisations are using Optalert to quantify the impact of drowsiness on operations. This objective information is used positively to reinforce operational decisions; changing tasks, shift-rotations, break times, or timing of appropriate countermeasures. 

Data can also be used to profile the overall fatigue-related risk of an entire operation. Quantifying changes in risk provides objective evidence regarding the effectiveness of a company’s fatigue risk managementOHS policies and procedures over periods of months or years. 

Optalert has played a role in uncovering underlying health issues in operators, which can impact their alertness or drowsiness levels throughout their shift. Drivers with consistently high alert levels have been assessed by medical professionals to uncover various sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and shift worker disorder.