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eagle portable

Designed for businesses with a professional mobile workforce.

  • Flexibility for a mobile workforce
  • Protects your people
  • Protects your vehicles
  • Moves with your staff
  • Set up in minutes
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eagle industrial

eagle industrial

Designed to protect assets of large-scale industries operating continuous vehicle operations:

  • Road Transport
  • Coach and Bus Travel
  • 24/7 Operations
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Aviation
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Protecting you to work, at work and home from work

  • 162,030,340

    JDS™ scores

  • 2,700,000

    Hours tracked

  • 416,923

    High Risk scores

  • 4,917,507

    Number of journeys protected

  • 0

    Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) recorded since 1 Jul 2012

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  • Carla Manuel

    Vale Senior Medical Assistant

    In a nutshell, we can say that Optalert’s technology is used as a crucial tool when it comes to fatigue identification signals.

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  • Andrew Rigby

    Director of Sustainability Bis Industries

    Our drivers have embraced the Optalert drowsiness detection product. They understand the introduction is entirely about their safety because it can...

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  • David Nash

    Air Liquide National Supply Chain Manager

    – New Zealand

    The main driver for me was to choose a system that aligned with our safety targets. Our guys drive for some pretty long hours. There's a lot of time...

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What industries are using Optalert's early-warning system?



Road transport

Coach and bus travel


24/7 operations


Optalert's early-warning system is trusted by major global blue chip companies

  • Air Liquide

    Air Liquide

  • Alsco


  • Aurizon


  • Australian Department of Defence

    Australian Department of Defence



  • Basin Sands Logistics / CMC

    Basin Sands Logistics / CMC

  • BHP Billiton

    BHP Billiton

  • Bis Industries

    Bis Industries

  • German Aerospace Centre

    German Aerospace Centre

  • Harvard University

    Harvard University

  • King Saud University

    King Saud University

  • NASA


  • Newgold


  • Vale



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