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Fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness and drowsiness have become interchangeable terms, but whatever word you choose, it points to a serious problem in the workplace – high risk of injury, lost productivity and impact on the bottom line.

At Optalert, we understand the dangers associated and have created practical fatigue management solutions to lessen the risk of drowsiness and improve productivity and performance.

Eagle, from Optalert, presents the only drowsiness detection product of its kind developed by the only people in the industry, who have developed real solutions to the complex problem of drowsiness.

We are the experts and we provide expert solutions.


What is Optalert’s early-warning drowsiness detection system?

Drowsiness detection glasses

Glasses monitor the velocity of the driver's eyelid


Displays drowsiness level and risk warnings on the operator's screen


The data is monitored in real-time, by your staff on site

Fatigue risk profiling [FRP]

Optalert analyses data to optimise shift allocation and improve productivity

High risk response

SMS and email alerts can be sent when someone receives a high risk warning


Optalert's early-warning system works

Scientifically researched and validated

20 years of proven research and development

Evaluated and recommended by AUS Defence Force

Recognised by Harvard researchers as setting the gold standard

Trusted by 50 blue chip global corporations


Why use Optalert's early-warning system?

    Eliminates accidents caused by drowsiness
  • 2
    Multi-layered approach
    Gives you and your employees peace of mind
  • 4
    Full reporting capability
    Reduces costs caused by accidents and injuries
  • 6
    Assists in maximising shift allocation and productivity
    Immediate real-time data and control
  • 8
    Proven positive behavioural change in operators over time

What industries are using Optalert's early-warning system?



Road Transport

Coach and Bus Travel


24/7 Operations



  • Andrew Rigby

    Director of Sustainability Bis Industries

    Our drivers have embraced the Optalert drowsiness detection product. They understand the introduction is entirely about their safety because it can...

    Continue reading >
  • David Nash

    Air Liquide National Supply Chain Manager

    – New Zealand

    The main driver for me was to choose a system that aligned with our safety targets. Our guys drive for some pretty long hours. There's a lot of time...

    Continue reading >

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Optalert's early-warning system is trusted by major global blue chip companies

  • Air Liquide

    Air Liquide

  • Alsco


  • Aurizon


  • Australian Department of Defence

    Australian Department of Defence



  • Basin Sands Logistics / CMC

    Basin Sands Logistics / CMC

  • BHP Billiton

    BHP Billiton

  • Bis Industries

    Bis Industries

  • German Aerospace Centre

    German Aerospace Centre

  • Goldcorp


  • Grupo Mexico

    Grupo Mexico

  • Harvard University

    Harvard University

  • King Saud University

    King Saud University

  • Newgold


  • Sutherlands


  • Vale



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