Interested in our brand new service to validate your drowsiness detection solution? Want to know more?


In what format do I need to provide my data?

Data needs to be in CSV file format. You can upload 5 files or 180 minutes of eye-opening data in total for the complimentary initial assessment.

Please ensure that the file contains five distinct columns:

  1. Timestamp (in milliseconds)
  2. Eyelid Left (eyelid opening measure; relative floating-point value from 0-1 inclusive)
  3. Eyelid Left Valid (Boolean, 1 or 0)
  4. Eyelid Right (eyelid opening measure; relative floating-point value from 0-1 inclusive)
  5. Eyelid Right Valid (Boolean, 1 or 0).

Each row should equate to a video frame and the video frame rate should be 60fps or higher.  The minimum acceptable rate is 30 fps.

Can I send files that contain data from multiple individuals?

Yes, but each separate file should correspond to a measurement from a single individual only.

What is the duration of the files that I can submit?

Please make sure that your files are a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes each. If you are uploading 60-minute files, then only three can be uploaded for the complimentary assessment and more if you decide to engage the full service.

What happens to the data I submit?

Optalert will retain the anonymised data submitted in order to provide the assessment and final report.

What information will the report provide?

Your report will cover an assessment of the data using Optalert’s algorithms and corresponding Johns Drowsiness Scale scores. Our experts will provide both quantitative and qualitative analysis, including recommendations.

How much does the full report cost?

The Report on the first 5 files or 180 minutes of data is complimentary. If you need further assessment beyond the free tier, the assessment will be charged at USD$10 per minute of data assessed.

How long will the process take?

This depends on several factors including the quality and quantity of your submitted data. You should receive your report within 10 business days.

How long after I submit my data will I get a response from Optalert?

As soon as you submit your data, you will hear from an Optalert expert within 1 business day. From that initial point of interaction, we will provide updates as the assessment goes through each stage.

We will continue to communicate with you throughout the process to ensure that you receive the optimum support and understand where we are heading with your assessment.

Who should I contact to discuss the findings in the assessment report from Optalert?

Optalert will provide follow-up contact details at the end of the report.

I have much larger datasets that I want to validate. Do I have to go through the free validation process?

If you would like to go through a full validation process requiring analysis of much larger data sets, please email