Introducing the eagle LIGHT

In a year of turbulence and unknowns, Optalert are pleased to bring you some exciting news.

Optalert’s early warning drowsiness detection system has now been developed specifically to suit light vehicles such as: 4WD’s, DualCabs, small commercial vehicles.

The eagle LIGHT is a small form factor device which pairs with Optalert wireless glasses.  Robust and ruggedized in design, its compact size system, easy installation, and startup/shutdown with vehicle ignition, make it ideal for smaller commercial vehicles.




Building on the 20 years of R&D that created the scientifically validated Johns Drowsiness Scale of Drowsiness, Optalert’s technology products and software now span multiple industries.  Across mining, road transport, automotive and the medical industry, Optalert’s technology provides early warning alerts of drowsiness to its users, to help identify and reduce their risk.

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