Global Neurology Expert Joins the Board of World’s Leading Drowsiness & Alertness Detection Company, Optalert

Optalert, the world’s leader in drowsiness and alertness detection, today welcomed Professor Matthew Kiernan as a new Non- Executive Director of its board. Professor Matthew Kiernan is Co-Director of the Brain and Mind Centre, focusing on discovery and translation and President of the Brain Foundation, funding world-class research into neurological disorders, brain disease and brain injuries. He and his team are at the forefront of breakthrough research in human neurophysiology, with his research innovations now in regular use as an adjunct to routine diagnostic testing worldwide.

“Matthew brings a deep knowledge and understanding of neurology to the board, which is key to the furtheru00a0development of our technology and its myriad of uses in industrial, clinical and OEM solutions,” said Scott Coles,Optalert’s CEO.

Scott continued, “We welcome him, as we embark on our next phase of growth, knowing that his deepu00a0knowledge, insights and experience will assist us in pushing ahead with new developments in this space.”

“Optalert is excited to continue to drive medical technology research and development in Australia and Matthew’s insight and guidance will further enhance our capabilities,” added Brian Wilson, Chair of the Board.

Professor Kiernan is the Bushell Chair of Neurology at the University of Sydney’s Medical School, President of the Brain Foundation, immediate past-President of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists and Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.