GE Mining to integrate Optalert’s technology with their Collision Avoidance System


Optalert and GE Mining to join forces to help improve mine safety

Optalert, a leading drowsiness detection provider has agreed with GE Mining, a leading global mining solutions provider, to work together on the integration of Optalert’s early-warning drowsiness detection technology with GE Mining’s Collision Avoidance System.

Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) protect miners above and underground by providing 360˚ proximity protection for vehicles, equipment and personnel. By integrating Optalert’s algorithm into the CAS, this would expand those parameters to include driver performance, improving the safety paradigm for heavy vehicle drivers.

“Effectively, that means our quantifiable drowsiness score can help regulate the tolerance of collision avoidance, so if a driver is less alert, the distance allowed for collision avoidance would be increased,”  Optalert CEO Scott Coles said.

“This means a greater layer of safety and protection for heavy vehicle drivers and it also highlights a significant industry change, with scientifically-proven drowsiness detection now considered an important component of safety monitoring in mining.

“Optalert’s technology concentrates on the driver, not just their behavior, and can detect when a person is more at risk of becoming a drowsy driver, rather than wake a person who has fallen asleep.

“No other technology working in this space is able to measure drowsiness with any objective accuracy.”

Every mine has a goal of zero-harm. Together, Optalert and GE will work together to help bring the industry closer.


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