Early-warning drowsiness detection system developed for the harshest environments on the planet.

What is eagle industrial?
It is the evolution of our scientifically validated technology housed in a tough, ruggedized platform suitable for harsh and humid environments. Paired with Optalert’s wired or wireless glasses, a driver’s drowsiness score (JDS™) is displayed on the eagle industrial tablet, alerting users to their risk of drowsiness. Additionally, driver drowsiness scores and other system data are sent to Fatigue Risk Profiler, Optalert’s real-time drowsiness monitoring system, to enable supervisors and managers to see the drowsiness levels of each driver in their fleet in real-time.
Operator drowsiness is measured continuously and updated each minute so that operators have an accurate reading of their alertness levels at all times.

How does it help?
• Provides drowsiness protection for employees in the harshest climates
• Allows multiple layers of defence to reduce the risk of drowsy driving incidents
• Can be used by multiple operators through an easy connection with Optalert glasses
• Data collection can be used for fatigue and risk management initiatives

Who is it for?
• Operators of heavy machinery
• Drivers of road trains and other large vehicles
• Drivers transporting dangerous goods
• Long haul drivers

Features of eagle industrial tablet:
• Ruggedized tablet
• Large, easy-to-read numbers
• Software updates are downloaded and installed automatically
• Anti-glare Gorilla Glass
• Suitable for mining, large trucks, road trains and heavy machinery