Interview with Dylan Young – Race Car Driver, Safety Advocate and Optalert Ambassador

  Motor racing is both a physically challenging and mentally demanding sport.  Its associated with a high degree of safety risk for drivers, whereby the slightest error could lead to fatal consequences.   Drowsiness and inattentiveness are amongst the most dangerous risks faced by any driver, yet alone a race car driver who’s preparing to be at his peak performance on the track. In an interview with Dylan Young, racing car driver, safety advocate and Optalert ambassador, he shares his insights into the dangers of drowsy driving. What first drew you [...]

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Safely navigating through a crisis

2020 will go down as one of the most difficult for companies and leaders around the world.  The corona virus has taken lives, isolated families, closed airports and put a fear into many like never before.  Whilst most of us have had the privilege of a stable life occupied with routine, the future is now filled with uncertainty and disruption.  As our new normal evolves, some organizations will be strong enough to survive, but a great number will fold. Leaders have never been more challenged to guide their teams through [...]

What’s the difference between fatigue and drowsiness?

  Sleep is essential for your brain function as well as your body. Medical research shows sleep loss has detrimental effects on our health from weight gain to a weakened immune system.  It can impact memory, increase risk of accidents, diabetes, the likelihood of cancers and has profound effects on the cardiovascular system1.  Even a one-off sleep deprived situation, can cause drowsiness, cognitive impairment and increases the potential for a dangerous situation to occur. Day light savings increases sleep deprivation, drowsiness and health risks The man drive a car with [...]

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Optalert named in Top 5 Global Driver Monitoring Startups Automotive

  Top 5 Out Of 200 Driver Monitoring Startups In Automotive StartUs INSIGHTS article: We analyzed 200 Driver Monitoring startups in the automotive industry. Sighthound, Optalert, CardioID, Edge3, and Sober Steering are our 5 picks to watch out for. To learn more about the global distribution of these 5 and 195 more startups, check out our Heat Map! Related topics:AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRYDRIVER MONITORINGHEAT MAP Our Innovation Analysts recently looked into emerging technologies and up-and-coming startups in the automotive industry. As there is a large number of startups working on a wide variety [...]

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Their image analysis reveals who you are – giants on the customer list

Di - Swedish financial site - Published:January 18, 2020 After just over ten years of revenue darkness, Visage Technologies began selling its technology to analyze facial images. "It was our breakthrough," says Jörgen Ahlberg. Photo: Henrik Lenngren It started out as a less lucrative hobby business for some researchers who needed to "code off". Today, Visage Technologies has sales of SEK 42 million, and the company's face recognition software is used in everything from makeup test apps to bathroom mirrors. Jörgen Ahlberg flips through a thumbs-up book from the early 2000s when he [...]

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Optalert Drowsiness & Attentiveness Monitoring

Optalert is pleased to announce the availability of its latest driver monitoring software solution.  Providing the most advanced measure of drowsiness & attentiveness in the automotive market, this gives Tier 1’s the ability to embed the technology directly into their driver monitoring systems (DMS). The patented Optalert Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS) provides a continuous numerical score of the driver’s impairment, so the system can provide the driver with early prediction of drowsiness and the ability to avoid dangerous microsleeps. Utilizing a combination of  sensors, software and algorithms, drivers can [...]

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Press Release – Optalert awarded Australian Government – Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grant

Latest News Today, Melbourne based Medtech company, Optalert Australia, were announced as the recipient of the Australian Government - Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grant (AILAG).   The grant will be used to advance the development of the Optalert Video Automotive technology solution for the objective, early prediction of drowsiness and attentiveness monitoring. The project aims to become a unique automotive innovation for Australia, with potential to lead to both local and international partnerships within the automotive industry. A timely project with the EU parliament also recently backing new measures to improve [...]

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Supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives

Connecting the physical world with the digital world Industry 4.0 fundamentally changes the way in which businesses create and capture value. This shift is enabled by a set of technologies including autonomous robots, simulation technology, system integration, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, cloud computing, additive manufacturing, augmented reality and big data. Industry 4.0 technologies have been around for a while individually, but more recently, they have begun to influence and impact each other.  Enabled by the internet and a desire to significantly reduce costs, businesses can now take advantage [...]

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Optalert in World first in fatigue research study

Press Release from the National Transport Commission:   The National Transport Commission (NTC) and the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (Alertness CRC) today released the results of a world-first study into heavy vehicle driver fatigue. The two-year scientific study evaluated alertness monitoring technology and the impacts of work shifts on driver alertness. It analysed shift start time, the number of consecutive shifts, shift length, shift rotation, rest breaks and their likely impact on driver drowsiness and fatigue. Spokesperson and Theme Leader for the Alertness CRC Associate Professor [...]

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Las Vegas CES2019 Highlights

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES2019) dazzled participants once again with glimpses of technologies and products on the horizon for the future.  With over 180,000 attendees from 150 different countries, circulating over 11 venues throughout Las Vegas. Optalert’s key conversations at this year’s event included autonomous vehicles, enhanced ‘early warning’ drowsiness and distraction features, and AI assisting in remote healthcare technology. Optalert’s Chief Technical Officer Simon Block, shares some of his top highlights for the show:    1. Automotive Innovation Intelligent cars dominated the conversation in the automotive market, with seamless connectivity critical [...]

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