Australia’s NRMA applauds new Driver Monitoring Solutions

The NRMA is Australia’s largest member organisation and has been providing roadside assistance for the past 100 years. Driver safety is permanently top of mind for the organisation and its members.
NRMA is an investor in Optalert, developers of the world’s leading algorithm to quantify deterioration in cognitive brain function due to drowsiness – The Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS).  This remains the only scientifically proven, objective measurement of drowsiness.
Optalert’s new Drowsiness Detection Validation service enables Driver Monitoring Systems Designers to validate their solution against Optalert’s measure, based on 64 different physiological characteristics of eyelid movements.
“NRMA invested in Optalert because we knew technology would play a vital role in helping to reduce risks caused by fatigued drivers. In 2019, fatigue was responsible for almost one-in-five deaths in Australia. Those deaths were avoidable. The work Optalert is doing to tackle this serious risk to our community is important and we look forward to technology playing an even greater part in saving lives.,” Peter Khoury, NRMA.