The Impact for Autonomous Vehicles

The impact for autonomous vehicles

Depending on the level of automation of a vehicle, driver dependency in the future could be reduced to zero. Of course, in autonomous vehicles classified at a lower level of automation, an alert and vigilant driver is still required should the driver need to take control.

Euro NCAP roadmap 2025 has the goal of reaching zero automotive accidents. Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) have been identified as a primary safety feature and are targeted for all new vehicles for 20202.

With over 90% of road accidents caused by “human error or mistakes”, automakers are pursuing new layers in their ADAS system to lessen these risks. The most common mistakes include speeding, driving under the influence, and simple human errors, in which the driver’s state of awareness plays an important role.

In an aging society, reduced reaction times, poor eyesight and sudden medical incapacitation are also growing causes of road accidents, where driver monitoring plays a vital role.

Optalert’s technology can now assist Automakers in achieving top safety ratings, through enhanced ADAS systems which monitors drivers for Drowsiness, Distraction, Inattentiveness and providing advanced warning to drivers.

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