Technical Demonstration System

Technical Demonstration System

The advanced software algorithm provides early warning detection of driver drowsiness, attentiveness monitoring and ultimate driver safety.

Easily adaptable and highly precise, Optalert’s technology demonstration system is now available to eligible Automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies for evaluation.

The hardware can be easily installed into passenger cars.

The Technical Demonstration System Includes:

  • Monthly rental option for flexible technology demonstration and evaluation
  • Mini-camera technology – small footprint and easy installation
  • Infrared illuminator – works with sunglasses, low light levels, darkness
  • Advanced Image processing (Visage Technologies AB) – accurately and continuously tracks facial movements (
  • Patented Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDSTM) – Objective measure of drowsiness
  • Attentiveness Algorithm – incorporates Eyes on Task (EoT) tracking and multifactor measure base on driver state and driving conditions.
  • In Vehicle mounting system – allows easy installation
  • Customisable User Interface – displays Driver Status
  • Licensable software and algorithm – adaptable to a variety of camera system

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Custom Designed User Interface

The images below indicate different levels of a drivers drowsiness, Eyes On Task and Attentiveness, represented through graphical user interface images.


Optalert’s technology demonstration system now available to select OEM and Tier 1 companies for rental evaluation.

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The Optalert state of the art system is transforming the way automotive and Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can protect drivers at risk of drowsiness and inattentiveness. By combining precision technology and scientific algorithms, manufacturers are now able to incorporate the next generation of safety into their vehicles. Utilising driver monitoring camera technology, advanced image processing and scientific algorithms, Optalert’s leading edge technology gives you the power to identify, track, and ultimately protect drivers at risk.

Optalert’s technology is available under licence/rental agreement to:

  1. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  2. Tier 1 manufacturers
  3. Other qualified suppliers to car manufacturers

If you would like to discuss Optalert’s licencing agreements or request a technical demonstration system, contact us today at