Optalert presents at InCabin Conference, Brussels

Join us at InCabin 2022 and hear from Dr Trefor Morgan, Optalert General Manager – Research and Development, who will be delivering a session on Measuring and Demystifying Drowsiness.

Session Synopsis

If done correctly, drowsiness can be quantified from its early stage through to the late stages. There is a biological based change that occurs in the transition from alertness to sleep in everyone. This drowsiness indicator has been proven independently in multiple sleep studies.

In this presentation, we will discuss the recent convergence of technology and the changes in the regulatory and safety landscape that now makes it possible to measure drowsiness in passenger vehicles.

We will describe the importance of the right “Ground Truth” in the development of any drowsiness detection system.

The benefits of objective measurements of drowsiness extends beyond a person’s state of mind at a single point in time. Recent advancements in cameras, image processing, facial feature extraction, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have made it possible to interact with the driver and their environment directly. In this presentation, we will also describe a multi-stage approach to the application of countermeasures. This ensures driver comfort is preserved while prolonging the duration of safe driving by introducing tiered levels of countermeasure intensity that is best suited to remedy the various stages of driver drowsiness.

Program Details

Interest for in-cabin monitoring and intelligent interior technologies is soaring. Driven mainly by forthcoming regulations and market demand for improved safety, convenience and comfort for driver and passengers.

Applications for safety, comfort and productivity will be enabled by sensors, processing hardware, AI software and algorithms, and HMI & UI design. The InCabin community brings together experts from across all these technical disciplines and the whole supply chain to drive innovation and product development.

Date: 15 September 2022
Location: Autoworld, Brussels, Belgium
Tickets: auto-sens.com/incabin/