Confirm the validity of your Drowsiness Monitoring System using a scientifically-validated and trusted drowsiness measure derived from sensitive physiological biomarkers. Optalert’s assessment and validation service uses a physiologically based measure of impairment due to drowsiness, enabling quantification of every blink in your eye opening data. Achieve GSR Compliance quickly. 

In just three simple steps, validate your system with Optalert’s world leading drowsiness system.

  1. Upload your first 5 files or 180 minutes of eye-opening data.
  2. Receive assessment report from Optalert.
  3. Upload more data and receive full verification report from Optalert.

Your Report

If you choose the complimentary service, you will receive a base level report with recommendations.

If you decide to undertake a full validation, you will receive a comprehensive report from our expert data scientists detailing findings and recommendations.


The first 5 files or 180 minutes of eye-opening data will be assessed for no fee. You will receive a report detailing how your data performed.

Further files and expert Optalert validation report are priced at $US10 per minute of data.