The Next Level of Driver Protection

Optalert - the next level of driver protection

With the upcoming generation of vehicles with level 3 full automation, drivers will no longer be required to monitor their surroundings at all times.  Driving hands free, and non-driving related tasks (NDRT), such as eating, reading emails or watching a video will become permissible in certain situations, as per driving on a freeway.  There will however be constraints in areas, like inner city, where it will be important for drivers to be able to take driver control quickly to avoid collisions with pedestrians, bikes and other vehicles.

Automated driving systems introduce a complex scenario for the Automakers.  Whilst pursing the latest developments in software and automation, selling such a car can also make them liable for accidents that occur when the vehicle is in automated drive mode and not under control of the driver.

Driver monitoring will become imperative to determine the driver’s drowsiness, attentiveness and ability to take over driving from autonomous mode or also referred to as a takeover at level 3.

The next generation in optimal driver safety

Optalert’s Automotive Technical Demonstration System is now available for eligible automotive OEM / Tier 1 companies to evaluate and experience Optalert’s advanced drowsiness and attentiveness software.  A fully demonstrable system is available on a rental basis, to enable evaluation and assessment ahead of integration into any ADAS system.

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