Exploring neurological pathways, in the blink of an eye


Optalert has developed a revolutionary objective measurement of eye and eyelid movement, called Blepharometry. This is the next generation of drowsiness/wakefulness measurements for use in clinical drug trials.
Our MediQ Solution uses Blepharometry and patented algorithms to accurately quantify drowsiness or wakefulness, against the validated Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS). This future-proofed approach to clinical development, can advance clinical drug trial timelines and deliver new therapies to market faster.

Current methodologies for measuring drowsiness or wakefulness are used across a wide range of clinical drug trials including opioids, anti-depressants, shift worker disorder and insomnia medications. Optalert’s MediQ Solution is the next generation methodology for pharmaceutical drug trials which:

  • Detects and quantifies alertness, wakefulness and drowsiness
  • Monitors and measures adverse effects of medication
  • Provides simultaneous  computerised vigilance testing and Infrared oculography (IRO) recording capabilities

Optalert is now transforming the way pharmaceutical companies are able to verify the efficacy and safety of drugs in clinical trials

Blepharometry gives researchers the power to identify, track and ultimately enable clinicians to: 

  • Find neurological biomarkers 
  • Screen patients to allow for early intervention
  • Identify stages of disease progression 
  • Monitor response to treatment 
  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of clinical trials 
  • Monitor and measure drowsiness or alertness effects of medication 
  • Provide simultaneous computerised reaction testing and Infrared reflectance recording capabilities 

If you are working in a neurological or other research field and would like to know how Optalert could assist with your research, don’t hesitate to contact us today at info@optalert.com