Introducing the BlinQ system by Optalert

Optalert is pleased to introduce the BlinQ system for the measurement of drowsiness or wakefulness in clinical trials. 

Optalert uses advanced patented algorithms to determine the exact drowsiness or wakefulness of a subject.  By applying Artificial Intelligence techniques and machine learning Optalert has been able to objectively quantify drowsiness or wakefulness.  Utilising the Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS), Optalert’s future-proofed approach can advance clinical drug trial timelines and deliver new therapies to market faster. 

Current methodologies for measuring drowsiness or wakefulness are used across a wide range of clinical drug trials including anti-depressants, shift-work disorder, narcolepsy and insomnia medications. Optalert’s BlinQ system is the next generation methodology for pharmaceutical drug trials which: 

·       Detects and quantifies alertness, wakefulness and drowsiness
·       Monitors and measures adverse effects of medication
·       Measures dose response in clinical trials to identify the correct dose (too high a dose can result in 
       unacceptable toxicity and too low a dose can decrease efficacy)
·       Helps qualify patients for pilot studies
·       Provides simultaneous psychomotor vigilance test and data recording capabilities

Optalert is now transforming the way pharmaceutical companies are able to verify the efficacy and safety of drugs in clinical trials.                                                                          

Optalert’s machine learning technology is also breaking new ground into research of neurological disorders.  As a diagnostic, monitoring or predictive tool, Optalert technology has the potential to give early warning of seizures, and could save and improve lives worldwide through patient intervention
empowerment, and recovery.   Areas of research interest include:  epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, depression and many others.   

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