Optalert Technology Demonstration System

The new level of driver protection

More Automotive Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and Tier One companies (Tier 1) are looking for a better driver monitoring solution than ever before. Optalert’s integrated layer of in-vehicle software and hardware, provides automotive companies with the latest functionality in Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Protecting drivers earlier than ever before. Advanced detection is key.


Optalert’s advanced software algorithm is the pivotal layer, and the centre of focus within ADAS systems. It provides the most advanced system for detecting drowsiness in its earliest stages and is now able to monitor the driver’s attentiveness with high precision. Utilising a combination of sensors, software and algorithms, drivers can now be equipped with advanced warning of drowsiness and monitoring of their attentiveness through eyes on task tracking.

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Optalert’s Technology Demonstration System


The advanced software algorithm provides early warning detection of driver drowsiness, attentiveness monitoring and ultimate driver safety.

The hardware can be easily installed into a variety of passenger cars.

Easily adaptable and highly precise, Optalert’s technology demonstration system includes:

  • Small footprint technology and easy installation
  • Infrared illuminator – works with sunglasses, low light levels, darkness
  • Advanced Image processing (Visage Technologies AB) – accurately and continuously tracks facial movements http://visagetechnologies.com/
  • Patented Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDSTM) – Objective measure of drowsiness
  • Eyes on Task (EoT) tracking – Algorithm enables sophisticated measure of attentiveness
  • Housing and mounting system – industrially designed, easy installation
  • Software and Algorithm – adaptable to a variety of other camera systems
  • Now available for eligible Automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies
  • Offered as a monthly rental option for flexible technology demonstration and evaluation

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Optalert’s technology demonstration system now available to select OEM and Tier 1 companies for rental evaluation



Optalert are the market leaders in Drowsiness detection technology. The company’s founder and Chief Scientist, Dr Murray Johns, is also the founder of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS). Scientifically validated, and used in medical research and pharmaceutical drug trials, the technology is supported by over 20 years of scientific research and publications.

Commercially used for over a decade in mining, road transport and medical industries, Optalert technology is the only objective measure, capable of quantifying drowsiness.

Giving drivers a real time measurement and early warning of drowsiness/attentiveness through cutting edge technology

  • Enable’s best practice safety solution and enhanced drowsy driving detection
  • Patented JDS scale used for objective measurement of drowsiness
  • Competitor methods uses PERCLOS, a method that detects microsleeps, in many cases simply too late to warn the driver.


Distracted driving accounts for ~ 25% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities.  In the US alone, 9 people are killed each day as a result of crashes involving a distracted driver.

It takes only 3 seconds after a driver’s attention has been diverted from the road for an accident to occur.  Distractions are caused by many factors including:

  • mobile phones
  • checking emails/social media
  • reaching for item across the interior of the car
  • adjusting car settings – radio, temperature etc
  • eating/drinking
  • grooming – hair/makeup/shaving
  • talking to passengers

You are distracted any time your eyes are off the driving task.

Optalert technology objectively measures and detects drowsiness in its earliest stages. Optalert’s research and development now includes the ability to monitor the driver’s attentiveness to provide the next level in driver safety. Utilising a combination of imaging sensors, software and algorithms, drivers can now be equipped with advanced warning of drowsiness and measurement of their attentiveness through eyes on task tracking.

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How does it work?


Optalert technology is based on key measurements which track the Amplitude Velocity Ratio (AVR) of blinks; essentially measuring how fast and how far a person opens their eyelid after they close it. These continuous measurements are then translated into a score between zero and 10 on the patented, scientifically validated, Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS™), which the operator sees displayed on their indicator or processor positioned in the dashboard.

Attentiveness and Eyes On Task


Optalert’s monitoring of driver attentiveness goes well beyond the minimal detection of the driver’s gaze being distracted from the road. By customizing the measurement parameters to the specific environment of a vehicle, Optalert are able monitor the attentiveness state of a driver by taking into account not only the driver’s activity but also the vehicle and surroundings. Speed of the vehicle, braking activity, external obstacles, dangerous sections of a road and lack of visibility caused by time of day or weather conditions are all factors that may be used to determine a minimal level of required attentiveness. Uniquely, Optalert’s attentiveness monitoring also factors in the drowsiness of the driver based on our proprietary Johns Drowsiness System (JDS) measure. In addition, an attentive driver does not always have his/her eyes on the road. Mirror checks and shoulder turns are all behaviours that may be penalized by a less sophisticated measure and potentially lead to false positive warnings.

Optalert’s attentiveness monitoring system is based on an Eyes on Task (EoT) measurement state. This takes into account visually oriented tasks beyond the principal activity of keeping the driver’s eyes on the road. This also provides for accounting for the peripheral vision and is a robust basis for the inclusion of external factors from an ADAS system. EoT profiles may be developed for any vehicle interior and scaled up according to the availability of external input. Beyond a time based gaze warning it offers to build a model of the drivers true awareness of their dynamic situation of controlling a motor vehicle in motion.

Integration into ADAS Systems

Optalert’s drowsiness and attentiveness algorithm’s may be readily deployed into existing ADAS systems or adaptable to a variety of manufacturer’s camera or hardware platforms. A whole range of new integration opportunities are now available for OEM and Tier 1 companies in the automotive industry.

Using Optalert’s patented technology, measurements of eyelid movements are able to accurately, quantify drowsiness, and can predict the driver entering the drowsiness phase, well before the point of having a performance failure. Until now, only subjective tools could approximate or detect drowsiness when it was simply too late for the driver to respond.

The Optalert state of the art, next level system is transforming the way automotive and Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can protect drivers at risk of drowsiness and comply with Euro NCAP 2020. By combining scientific algorithms for early warning, objective measure of drowsiness, with attentiveness tracking, OEM and Tier 1’s are now able to incorporate the next level of safety into their vehicles. Utilising driver monitoring camera technology, advanced image processing and scientific algorithms, Optalert’s intelligent technology gives automotive companies the power to identify, track, and provide early warning feedback to protect drivers at risk from drowsiness and ensure attentiveness is optimized.

The next generation in optimal driver safety

Optalert’s Automotive Technical Demonstration System is now available for eligibleautomotive OEM / tier 1 companies to evaluate.

A fully demonstrable product is also available for automotive companies, to integrate into their ADAS system.

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Optalert partners with Automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies around the globe to create human centric driving solutions.   With over two decades of research and development, Optalert are the world leaders in Drowsiness technology solutions.  Supported by a team of scientists, computer analysts, mathematicians and software engineers, Optalert’s expertise stems from a strong medical background and is used in pharmaceutical clinical trials through to exploration of neurological biomarkers.

Optalert’s software algorithm detects early indication of drowsinessand provides advanced warningfor the driver of their drowsiness state.  Building on these platforms, Optalert continues to lead the way in software development, by creating the first software algorithm capable of measuring driver attentiveness. Whether a driver is distractedby their mobile phone or looking in any direction other than the road ahead, the measure of Eyes on Task (EoT), can now be recorded. Weather and lighting conditions, oncoming traffic, obstacles, distractions inside and outside of the car, may all be taken into consideration when the algorithm monitors the drivers Eyes on Task.

Partnering enables companies to integrate Optalert’s software algorithm into their own ADAS, for the next level of driver safety.