Optalert Layer in ADAS

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye

Optalert Layer in ADAS2019-04-02T12:01:44+11:00

Automotive and Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) often provide layers of a complete solution. Optalert’s expertise in drowsiness detection, is integrated in a layer of in-vehicle hardware that can be added to agnostic image processors. Easily adaptable and highly accurate, the system can work with a variety of camera and image processors to offer endless solutions.

With the arrival of Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) functionalities requiring a high level of detection, a combination of imaging sensors and radar is mandatory, Optalert offers the next generation layer – Early warning driver drowsiness detection for ultimate driver performance.

Optalert now have a technology demonstration* available for the iOS platform that leverages Apple ARKit and the TrueDepth camera. If you’d like to experience the Optalert scientifically validated, predictive measure of drowsiness, click here, to apply for access.

For further information on Optalert technology or licensing opportunities, contact us today.

*Not available on the Apple App Store and is available for a limited period only.
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