Integration into Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)

Integration into DMS Systems

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The Optalert state of the art, next level system is transforming the way automotive and Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can protect drivers at risk of drowsiness and comply with Euro NCAP 2020.

Optalert have brought the most advanced measure of drowsiness & attentiveness to the automotive market by giving Tier 1’s the ability to embed their algorithm directly into driver monitoring systems (DMS).

The Optalert Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS) provides a continuous numerical score of the drivers’ impairment (from 0-10), so the system can provide the driver with early warning of drowsiness and ability to avoid dangerous micro sleeps.   Importantly this numerical score of driver state can be used as an input to other vehicle systems.

Optalert’s advanced analysis algorithm

This is the pivotal layer and the only drowsiness measurement on the market that has scientific validation from prestigious institutes, such as Harvard Medical school. With no false positives, the real-time drowsiness level of the driver may be readily utilized by DMS or V2x technologies, leading to additional levels of safety.

Optalert technology monitors eyelid movement in real time to provide early warning of drowsiness, through subtle eyelid movement changes.  Until now, competitive tools available  have been lagging indicators and could only approximate  drowsiness and lack of driver attention when it was simply too late for the driver to respond.

Protecting drivers better than ever before.  Early detection is key.



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