Drowsiness & Attentiveness Algorithm

Accidents can happen, in the blink of an eye

Drowsiness and Attentiveness Algorithm for Driver Monitoring Systems

Why wait for the onset of micro sleeps to alert the driver?
Automotive manufacturers have a long and proud history of perfecting safety features for cars. But what about the safety of the driver? Optalert takes a leading approach, by ensuring drivers are monitored continually, to detect early signs of drowsiness and the level of driver attentiveness. Optalert’s vision is for every driver to be protected, all of the time.

Drowsiness and Lack of Attentiveness – Key driver safety issues

Optalert focuses on the driver, not just the car, and importantly it can detect when a person is more at risk of becoming drowsy or not paying attention.  This gives the driver time to take remedial action, before a dangerous situation turns into an accident.

Optalert technology is the only objective measure, capable of quantifying eye and eyelid movements.  Rich data sources enable biomarkers of drowsiness to be captured, and a driver’s eyes to be tracked to accurately determine when their eyes are not on the road in front of them.

Drivers can now have a real time measurement of drowsiness/attentiveness through leading edge technology.

This Enables:

  • Best practice safety solution and early warning drowsiness detection
  • Patented JDS scale used for objective measurement of drowsiness
  • Eyes on Task and Attentiveness measurement for next level driver monitoring

Competitor methods use PERCLOS, a method that detects microsleeps, in many cases simply too late to warn the driver.

Symptomatic Issues of PERCLOS methods:

  • Not a direct measurement of real drowsiness
  • Detection of yawning, eyes closed
  • Detects micro sleeps as they occur
  • Alert to driver is only once they are already in danger
  • Susceptible to false positives

Optalerts method is the next level of measuring drowsiness. Utilising a scientifically validated scale (JDS) the earliest signs of drowsiness are able to be objectively quantified.

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