InCabin 2022, Brussels

The Optalert team were proud to have attended InCabin this year. If you managed to get there, you would have had the chance to meet our Chief Technology Officer, Simon Block, Chief Operating Officer, Nicolas Gerbal, Software Developer Kolya Haisken De-New and our General Manager of Research and Development, Trefor Morgan who presented at the conference. Learn about Optalert’s leading objective drowsiness monitoring solution and how to validate your solution against the EU standards.



Optalert in the News: 


If done correctly, drowsiness can be quantified from its early stage through to the late stages. There is a biological based change that occurs in the transition from alertness to sleep, in everyone. This drowsiness indicator has been proven independently in multiple sleep studies.

In this presentation, we will discussed the recent convergence of technology and the changes in the regulatory and safety landscape that now makes it possible to measure drowsiness in passenger vehicles.

We described the importance of the right “Ground Truth” in the development of any drowsiness detection system.

The benefits of objective measurements of drowsiness extends beyond a person’s state of mind at a single point in time. Recent advancements in cameras, image processing, facial feature extraction, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have made it possible to interact with the driver and their environment directly. In this presentation, we also described a multi-stage approach to the application of countermeasures. This ensures driver comfort is preserved while prolonging the duration of safe driving by introducing tiered levels of countermeasure intensity that is best suited to remedy the various stages of driver drowsiness.


PhD, MEngSc, BEng/BSc

General Manager, R&D

As the General Manager of Research and Development at Optalert, Trefor oversees the ongoing development and application of Optalert’s market leading drowsiness monitoring solution. He works with OEM customers to test and implement solutions as well as leading the team identifying the biomarkers for other degradations to neurological brain function in conditions such as Epilepsy (due to onset of seizures), ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, TBI, concussion and motor neuron disease.

Dr Morgan has worked in key technical roles at a number of innovation companies. He holds a Masters in Machine Learning and a PhD in Photonics. He aims to raise awareness and educate others on automotive drowsiness as well as the importance of having an accurate drowsiness detection system in vehicles.

Objective drowsiness. Solved.

Confirm the validity of your Drowsiness Monitoring System using a scientifically-validated and trusted drowsiness measure derived from sensitive physiological biomarkers. Optalert’s assessment and validation service uses a physiologically based measure of impairment due to drowsiness, enabling quantification of every blink in your eye opening data. Achieve GSR Compliance quickly.

In just three simple steps, validate your system with Optalert’s world leading drowsiness system:

Renowned as experts in drowsiness/wakefulness detection, Optalert is now exploring new pathways in the automotive industry, pharmaceutical drug trials and neurological research.

Optalert developed the world’s leading algorithm to quantify deterioration in cognitive brain function due to drowsiness – The Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS). This remains the only scientifically proven, objective measurement of drowsiness.

The JDS is used worldwide in research for accurately quantifying drowsiness levels, protecting thousands of lives and valuable company assets across multiple industries. Our clients include BHP Billiton, Vale and NASA. Our research partners include the Harvard Medical School, Monash University, and the University of Queensland.
Optalert is a Medical Technology company pioneering the use of Blepharometry (the measurement of blinks) to measure drowsiness. Optalert discovered a key biomarker for drowsiness, the connection between brain function and eyelid movement. 

Optalert is now turning its extensive expertise in Blepharometry and Artificial Intelligence to identify the biomarkers for other degradations to neurological brain function in conditions such as Epilepsy (due to onset of seizures), ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, TBI, concussion and motor neuron disease. 

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