Euro NCAP & GSR Compliance

Simple and fast GSR Compliance

Optalert enables vehicle manufacturers and OEMs to comply with the KSS validation requirements of Global Safety Regulation (EU) 2019/2144. With complete and direct mapping to KSS, Optalert’s leading algorithm, objectively measuring 64 different physiological characteristics of eyelid movements, makes compliance a simple and fast process.

Advance Driver Assistance Systems 


Optalert’s integrated layer of in-vehicle software and algorithm is the latest functionality in Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS). Optalert’s advanced software algorithm is the pivotal layer, and the center of focus within DMS systems. It provides the most advanced system for detecting drowsiness in its earliest stages and can monitor the driver’s attentiveness with high precision. Utilizing a combination of sensors, software and algorithms, drivers can be equipped with advanced warning of drowsiness and monitoring of their attentiveness through eyes on task tracking plus the output of the Optalert software – the driver drowsiness level (JDS score) can be used as an input to other vehicle systems for unparalleled safety and driver protection. 


Easily adaptable and highly precise, Optalert’s technology is now available to Automotive ADAS providers for evaluation. The hardware can be easily installed into passenger cars.  Custom Designed User Interface – we work with tier 1s to define a customised interface to suit their requirements.

GSR Compliance is easy with Optalert.

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