Scientifically designed glasses

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye! That’s why these glasses objectively measure eyelid movement at a rate of 500 times per second.

What do they measure?

Optalert’s drowsiness detection glasses work by measuring the velocity of the operator’s eyelid 500 times a second using a tiny invisible LED built into the frame of the glasses.

Core to the success of our wearable technology are two key measurements tracking the amplitude velocity ratio—essentially measuring how fast and how far a person opens their eyelid after they close it.

These are translated into a score measured on the Johns Drowsiness ScaleTM (JDSTM), which the operator sees displayed on their indicator or processor positioned in the cab.

Features of the glasses

  • Can be adapted for prescription lenses
  • Three different shades suitable for all driving conditions
  • Lightweight
  • Available in both wired and wireless configurations to suit your environment

Protecting your assets, to work, at work and home from work from. Like to know more?…..

How are they made?

The lightweight frame architecture of the Optalert drowsiness detection glasses provides comfortable all day wear.

An interchangeable lens design lets operators choose the right colour to suit any driving condition, including at night.

Scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses come in three colours and offer UV protection complying with the American National Standards Institute’s ANSI Z87.1-2003 “Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices”, and Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1067:2003 “Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles”.