Automotive Algorithm

Algorithm for Automotive Manufacturers

More Automotive Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and Tier One companies (Tier 1) are looking for a better driver monitoring solution than ever before. Optalert’s integrated layer of in-vehicle software and algorithm, provides automakers with the latest functionality in Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS).

Optalert’s advanced software algorithm is the pivotal layer, and the center of focus within  DMS systems. It provides the most advanced system for detecting drowsiness in its earliest stages and is now able to monitor the driver’s attentiveness with high precision. Utilizing a combination of sensors, software and algorithms, drivers can now be equipped with advanced warning of drowsiness and monitoring of their attentiveness through eyes on task tracking plus  the output of the Optalert software – the driver drowsiness level (JDS score) can be used as an input to other vehicle systems for unparalleled safety and driver protection.

Protecting drivers better than ever before. Early detection is key.

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