Sleep deprivation… as a form of torture

No matter how many times we discuss it, it seems some people still dismiss the extreme effect drowsiness or sleep deprivation can have on our health, mind and cognitive actions. In fact, sleep deprivation has been used as a form of torture throughout history. Think that sounds absurd? Read the dark stories and make up your own mind… Witch hunters in Scotland In 16th century Scotland, civilians participated in several nationwide witch hunts. At the height of sorcery and witch hysteria, women who allegedly practised witchcraft were captured and trialled. [...]

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Medical fatigue: the effects on doctor and nurse performance

Fatigue in health care is a reality. Granted, most of us feel tired at the end of the workday or workweek, no matter our profession but there are additional stresses placed on people working in the healthcare industry. So we shouldn’t really be shocked to read that with all the long hours and hard work healthcare professionals put in day in and day out, they are often feeling the effects of fatigue. Nursing rosters are irregular While conducting research for this article, I found many nurses on various forums and [...]

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The long-term health effects of sleep deprivation

Earlier this month, I looked at the immediate effects of sleep deprivation – these short-term effects can set in even after just one night of poor sleep. They included forgetfulness, distraction, irritability (we’ve all felt grouchy after a bad night’s sleep), and impaired reaction times. You can read that blog post here. Before you know it, one bad sleep has turned into three, and now, those poor quality sleeps are creeping their way into your schedule on a weekly basis. Whether it’s shift work, an undiagnosed sleep condition, or a [...]

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The immediate, short-term health effects of sleep deprivation

Just as we can’t live without food or water, we also can’t live without sleep. But while eating and drinking are voluntary actions, sleep is not: you can’t fight it. When you deprive your body of quality sleep, you almost immediately set off a chain of short-term health effects. As sleep deprivation continues, you also risk coming face-to-face with serious long-term issues. While ideal, it’s not always realistic to enjoy a perfectly balanced eight-hour sleep every night of the week. We have social commitments, jobs, kids and we get sick, [...]

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5 reasons you’re having trouble falling asleep at night

Although in recent times I have been sleeping a little better, over the years I have suffered from, at times, incredibly severe insomnia. But it’s not just the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, tossing and turning, snoring and sleepwalking are all behaviours of people struggling to get quality sleep. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, you need to read on. I’ve collated five common reasons why you struggle to get to sleep at night. Can you relate? Is there a sleep tip you wish you had known sooner? [...]

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Sleep debt: can you catch up on lost sleep?

We’ve all thought it: this weekend, I'm staying in to indulge in some couch time and catch up on lost sleep. Maybe you did that last weekend, when you woke up early on Sunday morning. But, instead of getting up, decided to rest a little longer with the hope of catching up on sleep you lost thanks to a few late nights last week. But can you actually catch up on lost sleep? To answer this, we need to look at sleep debt – what it is, how it is [...]

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