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The BlinQ™ Methodology

Through cutting edge research, Optalert has discovered the biomarker for drowsiness, an association between brain function and eyelid movement. A blink is the highly coordinated interaction of two muscle groups, the orbicularis oculi (OO) and the levator palpebrae superioris (LPS). Each muscle is controlled from different centres in the brain, of which activities need to be co-ordinated precisely. When drowsiness occurs, the tight controls responsible for their synchronisation deteriorates and this is evident in the blink characteristics.

Using sophisticated analysis techniques, Optalert created the only scientifically proven, objective measurement of drowsiness; the Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS).

The JDS is used worldwide in:

(a) Industry for protecting lives and valuable company assets against drowsy driving
(b) Research for accurately quantifying drowsiness levels

The Optalert BlinQ system offers a combination of real-world evidence and clinical data, adaptable to various pharmaceutical trials and research projects.

Optalert BlinQ system includes:

  • Glasses can be used in controlled (in-lab) or naturalistic environments
  • Familiar data file storage and handling (Windows based)
  • Offline data review and analysis capabilities
  • Drowsiness levels or blink metrics viewable on screen
  • Data exportable (CSV format) to statistical packages
  • Johns Vigilance Test (JTV) – Recommended for controlled environment and greater standardization
    • Synchronous recording of eye and eyelid movement data with a vigilance task
    • Recording of participant information locked to each data file
    • Simple reaction time task or complex reaction time task available
    • Data analysis of vigilance task performance & ocular metrics

Example of Eye movement data.

Similar to an EEG or ECG, blinks are involuntary movements that reveal much about your health.

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The use of Optalert’s innovative technology provides informative data to enable a greater level of understanding of drug or intervention effects and a way forward to developing life-saving drugs, faster.

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