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Across the globe, various industries are using Optalert’s early-warning drowsiness detection system to ensure safe operations.

High-performing 24-hour operations are at serious risk of drowsiness-related incidents and it is these and many other similar industries currently benefitting from Optalert’s all-hour protection.

Industries embracing eagle INDUSTRIAL

Our eagle INDUSTRIAL is widely used by drivers and operators of heavy machinery in mining, oil and gas and road transportation, especially when transporting dangerous goods.

Employees facing a long commute to and particularly from work or those who drive long distances as part of their role, from many different industries, can benefit from our patented technology.

NASA’s Mission Control

In a study conducted in 2014, researchers using Optalert’s patented technology studied 20 controllers working at NASA’s Mission Control who were responsible for supporting the International Space Station on all-hour shifts.

In the study, it was concluded controllers recorded far higher JDS™ scores on their commute home after working their shift.

Industries using eagle PORTABLE

Our lightweight and mobile device, the eagle PORTABLE, makes all-hour monitoring possible, to work, at work and home from work.

It has been embraced by many professions to date, including:

  • Security staff
  • Emergency services
  • Professional tradespeople
  • On-call healthcare personnel
  • Travelling sales representatives

These workforces appreciate the safety of having all-hour protection.

And it is not just drivers who can benefit:As with the NASA study, console operators and other desk-bound workers making critical decisions can benefit using Optalert’s eagle PORTABLE product.

It is transferrable between the desk and your vehicle and can also be worn to ensure safe decision-making whenever you are on the move.



mining industries


military industries

Road transport

road transport industries

Coach and bus travel

coach and bus travel


aviation industries

24/7 operations

24/7 operators

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Protecting your assets; to work, at work and home from work
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