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System snapshot

System snapshot

Optalert’s early-warning drowsiness-detection system is made up of a series of components that work together to reduce the risk of accidents caused by fatigue. Here’s a snapshot of how Optalert provides all-hour protection.

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Eyelid movements are measured at a rate of 500 times per seconds using an LED sensor located inside Optalert’s Glasses .

JDStm Display

The display will show a real-time JDS™ score, a number between 0 and 10, where 0 = ‘very alert’ and 10 = ‘very drowsy’. The simple score means you can see at a glance drowsiness levels.


The IRIS™, or Individual Risk Indicator System, shows managers, supervisors or administration staff the risk level for each employee.The IRIS™ lets managers monitor staff anywhere in the world.

Electronic Alert

Real-time alerts are sent using SMS text messages or emails to nominated staff when one of their drivers received a ‘high-risk’ warning.


Hours of collated data can be analysed and interpreted to help facilitate your company’s fatigue management plan.

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