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  • Scientifically proven technology

    Scientifically Proven Technology

    Both the eagle industrial and eagle portable incorporate the only technology that continuously and unobtrusively measures alertness in drivers and operators. It has been developed through more than 20 years of research into the physiology of drowsiness.

    Researchers from some of the most prestigious facilities in the world have validated the technology. Professor Czeisler of Harvard Medical School was part of a cross-institutional 2013 study concluding the Optalert fatigue detection product as setting the ‘gold standard’ in early fatigue detection – a key component of workplace safety. This goes beyond recognising Optalert’s products are world class, it asserts our products set the benchmark for early drowsiness detection and risk reduction.

  • Your glasses

    Your Glasses

    The glasses work by measuring the velocity of the operator’s eyelid 500 times a second using a tiny LED built into the frame.

    • They are lightweight, provide good UV protection and are custom fitted with 3 different coloured polycarbonate lenses designed for different driving conditions and can be fitted with prescription lenses.
    • The glasses operate with either the eagle industrial or eagle portable hardware platforms and can be transferred easily between vehicles.
    • Glasses are available in both wired and wireless configurations to suit your environment.
  • With you on the move

    The eagle portable is the world’s first portable drowsiness detection system specifically designed for a professional mobile workforce.

    Paired with Optalert’s wireless glasses, a driver’s drowsiness score (JDS™) is displayed on the smartphone-sized touch screen, alerting users to their risk of drowsiness.

    Quick and easy installation means the eagle portable can be transferred between offices or vehicles and is highly recommended for businesses with a mobile workforce, including shift workers, those who drive on-site or between sites, and professions on the move.


    • Compact with zero installation time
    • Can be used as a self-monitoring device
    • In areas with good 3G or WiFi coverage it provides back-to-base real time alerts
    • Over-the-air software updates
    • Low volume of warning makes it suitable for 4WDs, passenger vehicles and workers on the move
    • Only used with Optalert’s wireless glasses
  • Protecting you in any harsh environment eagle portable

    The offers the next generation in early-warning drowsiness detection. It is the evolution of our scientifically validated technology in a smaller and easier-to-install hardware platform. Operators are measured in real time so they have an accurate reading of their alertness levels at all times.


    • The accurately measures the operator’s level of alertness in real time to reduce the risk of an operator moving to the dangerous state of drowsiness
    • Large touchscreen with modern interface displays risk level in real time and provides a history of risk warnings to keep the operator informed of their recent drowsiness levels
    • Wireless transmission of data and system status via on-board 3G/WiFi modem
    • Anti-glare Gorilla Glass screen
    • Short installation time with minimal impact on the vehicle fleet
    • Over the air software and configuration updates
    • Robust and reliable operation in high-stress environments (MIL-STD-810G, IP65)
    • Compatible with Optalert’s current and next generation glasses technology
  • Multi-layered approach to managing drowsiness


    Operators can see at a glance their own fluctuating drowsiness level displayed as a score from 0 to 10 using the Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS™). Higher JDS™ readings equate to higher levels of drowsiness for the operator. Auditory alarms indicate when the score is reaching higher risk levels. Continuous feedback of JDS™ scores to drivers has been shown to increase their alertness, both in the short-term and the long-term. This biofeedback effect creates a safer and more aware operator. The operator can also see a history of risk warnings during their shift to help them self-manage.


    Monitoring staff access the real-time drowsiness levels of their entire team, anywhere in the world via the Optalert Individual Risk Indicator System (IRIS™). Displayed in a webbrowser, the IRIS™ shows the risk level for individual employees and allows managers to keep a top level view of their fleet, or drill down to assess more in-depth patterns. Furthermore, nominated supervisors or staff have the customised option of receiving an SMS and/or email alert whenever a driver at their site receives ‘High Risk’ warnings.


    The valuable data collected by the eagle portable and eagle portable systems can be used for a variety of risk mitigation initiatives. Over time, Optalert’s Fatigue Risk Profile capabilities allow analysis and assessment of this data to enable customers to adjust shift and task rostering by determining the most ‘at risk’ times of the day.

  • Drowsy drivers impact your bottom line

    Across the globe, fatigue management is essential for safe, high-performing 24-hour operations.

    Fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness and drowsiness are interchangeable terms which all point to a serious problem in the workplace – high risk of injury, lost productivity and impact to the bottom line.

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