How many fatigue facts do you know?

Please take the Optalert Fatigue Facts Quiz by answering a few multiple-choice questions below.

I can tell when I'm going to fall asleep.*


The correct answer is No.

What is the precentage of road fatalities attributed to fatigue?*


The correct answer is 30%.

Fatigue levels after awake time of 17 hours equates to a blood alcohol level of:*


The correct answer is .05%.

In which of the following disasters was fatigue identified as a factor?

A. Three Mile Island B. ChernobylC. Exxon Valdez*

A and B
B and C
A and C

The correct answer is ALL.

I think I may have experienced a microsleep when driving.*


By the time you are feeling drowsy, you may already have had a micro sleep, which puts you at significant risk of hurting yourself or others

Thank you for taking the time to take our Fatigue Facts Test. By lodging your results you will be helping us deliver relevant Fatigue education programs, which will ultimately lower fatigue based accidents.

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