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Measurable ROI

Measurable ROI

How can managers measure the ROI associated with reducing the risk and dangers of drowsiness?

In order to effectively manage fatigue-related risk, it is important to understand fatigue and how it affects different people.

Optalert technology assists drivers and their supervisors to understand fatigue and manage the associated risk within their organisation, in the form of:

  • Real-time continuous feedback
  • Regular reporting
  • Fatigue-risk profiling

While it is impossible to put a value on human life, or a person’s worth, the below table provides an estimate of the cost of an injury caused by road accident. It is estimated somewhere between 10-30% of accidents are caused by fatigue, so by introducing fatigue monitoring technology, employers can effectively measure the return in the number of reduced accidents on site.

Reduce risk

It is widely acknowledged drivers tend to be poor judges of their own level of drowsiness and cannot reliably predict when they are impaired to the point of falling asleep at the wheel.

Research findings supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown if you provide drivers with real-time feedback it leads to an overall reduction of instances of drowsy driving.

Optalert reduces the risk of drowsy driving by:

  • Objectively identifying the earliest signs of drowsiness
  • Providing information in real-time to both driver and supervisor
  • Removing uncertainty and subjunctive bias that can influence judgement of a driver who is expected to be vigilant in the workplace

Other technologies which rely on post-hoc warnings for critical events do not allow drivers to monitor their own drowsiness levels and provide little opportunity to understand how fatigue fluctuates throughout the day or how behaviour modifications can influence fatigue levels in order to maximise workplace safety.

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