A bitter pill to swallow for health and medical professionals

Long hours, shift work and minimal or disrupted rest time can have a negative effect on physical, emotional and cognitive functioning for medical professionals.
While shift workers do try to adjust to an abnormal sleep and wake cycle by resting during the day, it can be hard to fall asleep (and get good quality sleep) during times where your body is naturally 'programmed' to be awake.

Health risks of shift work may include:

  • Insomnia
  • Mood changes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Higher likelihood of obesity
  • Difficulties in controlling blood sugar levels
  • You cannot underestimate the essential role of sleep: a demanding schedule with compromised rest and recuperation affects personal health and wellbeing, patient safety and job performance.
Healthcare professionals provide round-the-clock care for their patients... so shouldn't they be looked after as well?

If you manage a team of medical or healthcare professionals, speak to us to find how our drowsiness detection can help minimise the risk of fatigue-related injury or illness - not only at work, but to work and on the way home, too. Contact Optalert now.

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