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The world's only early-warning drowsiness detection system designed to protect
your assets and people...

Is Optalert right for you?

With two fatigue management products on the market designed for both portable and industrial use, Optalert's drowsiness detection technology can be used to remove the risk of drowsiness in any workplace across the entire globe.

Should your workplace (and its employees) be concerned about the risk of drowsiness or fatigue?

Take this short quiz and tell us about your operations, and we'll let you know if Optalert is right for you.

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Which product is right for you

Is Optalert's eagle INDUSTRIAL or eagle PORTABLE right for you?

eagle INDUSTRIAL is designed for high-risk industries like mining, trucking and oil & gas, while the PORTABLE system is perfect for mobile workforcs.

Answer these simple questions to find out which Optalert product is right for you.

Submit your results to get more information on the product that's right for you.

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Test your knowledge

Do you know what percentage of road fatalities are attrubuted to drowsy driving?

Test your knowledge and find out how much you really know about of fatigue in this quick quiz.

Submit your answers at the end to help us better understand how people perceive the dangers of fatigue and drowsiness.

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Interactive product explorer

How can you self-manage fatigue when you have no control over your body's state of drowsiness?

Answer a few questions and dive deeper into Optalert's technology and products to learn how they remove the risk of drowsiness for employees travelling to work, at work and home from work.

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