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Electronic alerts

Electronic alerts

Optalert’s multi-layered approach alerts you when your drivers are close to that dangerous state of drowsiness.

SMS/email alert service

Optalert is serious about the serious risks associated with drowsy driving. We provide a multi-layered approach to reducing the risk of drowsy driving and we've recently added another exciting layer of defence.

A companion service to the Fatigue risk profiling [FRP], Optalert's new Electronic Alert service automatically sends customers an SMS and/or email alert whenever a driver at their site receives a 'High Risk' warning.

Features of Optalert’s Electronic Alert system

  • Supports English, Spanish and Portuguese message content
  • Ability to select the format of the alert (SMS or email) to be sent
  • Supports SMS messaging to international destinations (213 countries)
  • Enables individual sites to selecttheir recipients
  • Customised (on a per-recipient basis) reception start and end times (in local time) to allow alerts to be received during specific 'windows' of time
  • Ability to enable or disable the service on a per-recipient basis (for example, the service can be disabled while a person is on leave, and easily re-enabled once they return to work)

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What are the benefits?

Customers self-manage this service, nominating staff to receive the alerts and enabling them to choose the format they prefer – SMS, email or both.

They can also specify the time window within which those alerts are to be received.This allows staff working different shifts to ensure they only receive alerts during their work hours, and prevents them from being disturbed when they are off duty.

And most importantly, this service provides peace of mind. If your operators are at risk, you will know about it immediately.

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