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The Eagle Diagnostic


Evaluating and minimising
Fatigue Risk Exposure

  • 24-hour operations
  • Remote locations
  • Shift workers
  • Monotonous tasks
  • High-risk outcomes
  • Unpredictable environments

A safe site is no accident

Shift work, hazardous, 24-hour environments and undiagnosed sleep conditions contribute to your fatigue risk. Optalert will determine productivity and risk to your employees using objective data and analysis which means you will have the right tools to proactively minimise your site’s fatigue risk and its impact on your bottom line.

The qualitative and quantitative data we collect from our scientifically-proven drowsiness monitoring devices will form the basis of your fatigue risk score. With this score and your fatigue risk exposure evaluated, we will determine your organisational risk tolerance level and provide thorough recommendations on appropriate controls and procedures to manage your fatigue risk levels within acceptable limits.

“If you do not know your fatigue risk exposure you are in danger!”

About Us

Developed through more than 20 years of research into the physiology of drowsiness, Optalert’s drowsiness detection system incorporates the only scientifically-validated technology continuously and unobtrusively measuring a person’s alertness.

We have customers across the globe using our technology to manage and minimise their risk and keep their employees safe, no matter where or when they are operating.

At Optalert, we are proud to put our name alongside some of the most important research facilities in the world, including Harvard Medical School, and to add to that impressive list, Optalert’s technology has been used to study the alertness levels of NASA’s Mission Controllers monitoring the International Space Station.


  • Mining
  • Goods transportation
  • Security
  • Defence
  • Passenger transportation
  • Health and medical

Diagnosing your fatigue risk in any environment

Using Optalert’s scientifically-proven drowsiness detection, and the patented Johns Drowsiness Scale, we can determine your fatigue risk score calculated over a 10-week period specifically identifying the following.

  • 1. Drivers who may be at risk
  • 2. Locations where your drivers are at higher risk, (using GPS tracking and data collection).
  • 3. At-risk times of the day and days of the week

Features of the

  • Initial consultation to determine site monitoring requirements and site risk profile
  • In-depth driver profiling prior to and after monitoring
  • Installation of all relevant equipment
  • 24-hour monitoring of all staff involved in the risk analysis using Optalert’s patented Individual Risk Indicator System (IRIS)
  • GPS tracking of all staff involved in the risk analysis
  • Time-stamped analysis to determine at risk times of the day
  • Optimum shift roster determination
  • Detailed analysis of at-risk employees
  • Site fatigue risk exposure and fatigue risk score
  • In-depth report detailing recommendations for reducing fatigue risk scores and overall fatigue risk exposure.

What is the jds?

Optalert’s technology has enabled drowsiness to be quantified. Founding Director Dr Murray Johns developed a scale; the Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS), where a score of 0 = ‘very alert’ and 10 = ‘very drowsy’.

It is used to define the exact level of operator drowsiness by measuring the velocity and amplitude of eyelid blinks.

Using Optalert’s and and their associated monitoring glasses, we can determine objective scientific risk scores for individuals through the JDS, whenever they are using our hardware. These objective scores help determine the overall site risk and possible existing individual medical conditions placing them in danger.

With you on the move

Wherever your people work, we can monitor and diagnose their fatigue risk profile using suitable hardware. We will make a thorough site assessment and determine the best monitoring device for your fleet using our state-of-the-art drowsiness monitoring equipment.

Offers monitoring in a tough hardware platform. It is the evolution of our scientifically proven technology suitable for harsh environments. Operators are measured using the Johns Drowsiness Scale and this information is sent to a data platform which analyses their score uploaded every minute.

Features of the

  • Wireless transmission of data and system status via on-board 3G/WiFi modem
  • Anti-glare Gorilla Glass screen
  • Short installation time with minimal impact on the vehicle fleet
  • Over-the-air software and configuration updates
  • Robust and reliable operation in high-stress environments (MIL-STD-810G, IP65)
  • Suitable for large trucks, road trains and heavy machinery
  • Connects with Optalert’s wired or wireless glasses

The world’s first portable drowsiness monitoring system specifically designed for a professional mobile workforce. Quick and easy installation means the can be transferred between offices or vehicles and is highly recommended for business with a professional mobile workforce.

Features of the

  • Compact with zero installation time
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Suitable for 4WDs, sports utilities, passenger vehicles and workers on the move
  • Connects with Optalert’s wireless glasses


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