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Optalert 1 PCT/AU2002/01508 (WO 2003/039358)

Filed 7 November 2002

This invention seeks to monopolise an alertness monitoring system which measures the blink and saccade amplitude to velocity ratios and displays these as a scale of alertness. All patents will expire 2022.

Australia 2002336816 granted
Canada 2455821 granted
China 338145 granted
Europe 1441639 granted validated in Belgium, France, Germany, GB and Netherlands
India 238354 granted
Israel 160155 granted
Japan 3881655 granted
Korea 10-2004-701346 granted
New Zealand 530409 granted
Singapore 143034 granted
South Africa 2004/0654 granted
USA 7071831 granted
USA 7616125 granted Continuation of 7071831

John’s Scale PCT/AU2006/000277

Filed 6 March 2006

This application seeks to monopolise an improvement in the Optalert method where the algorithm focuses on the amplitude to velocity ratios of the opening and closing of the eyelid.

All patents will expire 2026.

Australia 2006220243 granted
Canada 2,599.984 allowed
Europe 1843155 granted validated in France, Germany, GB
India 3469/K0LNP/2007 granted 262505
Israel 185179 granted
Korea 10-1189008 granted
New Zealand 560528 granted
Mexico 276865 granted
USA 7791491 granted

Sensor Frame PCT/AU2006/001131

Filed 10 August 2006

This application seeks to monopolise a consumable item in the Optalert system namely the frames which position the sensors relative to the eye.

All patents will expire August 2026.

Australia 2006279257 granted
Brazil P I 0614807-7 pending
Canada 2613999 granted
Europe 1913566 granted validated in France, Germany, GB
India 138 /Kolnp/2008 pending
Israel 188439 granted
Japan 5133883 granted
New Zealand 564852 granted
Mexico 277283 granted
South Africa 2008/00378 granted
USA 7815311 granted

Incapacity PCT/AU 2007/000219

Filed 28 February 2007

This application seeks to monopolise the adaptation of the Optalert system to vehicle operational environments particularly trains.

All patents expire February 2027

Australia 2007219703 granted
Canada 2644053 granted
Europe 1988815 granted validated in France, Germany, GB
India 3357/kolnp/2008 pending
Israel 193456 granted
Korea 10-1259663 granted
Mexico 290925 granted
USA 8311284 granted

Accelerometer enhancements PCT/ AU2009/000908

Filed 18 July 2009

This patent covers the provision of an accelerometer on the sensor frames to provide information for assessing inattention.

All patents expire in July 2029.

Australia 2009270333 granted
Canada 2729183 pending
Europe 09797268-1 pending
Israel 210219 granted
South Africa 2011/00067 granted
USA 9007220 granted

OPTAGO method PCT/AU2011/001420

Filed 7 November 2011

Priority 2010904936 filed 8th November 2010

A method of assessing fitness for duty.

Australia 2011326327 granted
Canada 2813289 pending
Europe 11840227.0 pending
Japan 2013536962 pending
USA 13/883330 pending

Low sampling method patent application PCT/AU2015/000359

Filed 19 June 2015
Priority date 20th June 2014
This application seeks to protect the adaptation of the Johns scale algorithm to other data sources such as cameras.
National phase entry deadline: 20th December 2016

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