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A safe workplace is no accident

“Fatigue is certainly one of the main factors associated with accidents among operators in mine areas, as operators are at risk of falling asleep while driving. Optalert therefore provides an important tool since it can identify the first signs, reducing the risk of accident due to drowsiness.”

“Vale has a management program that deals with fatigue and uses Optalert’s products as detection devices on workers with fatigue.”

Carla Manuel

Vale Senior Medical Assistant

Bis Industries

Innovative fatigue Management at Boddington

“I believe Optalert technology is the best drowsiness detection tool that I have ever seen. I am very pleased with the data that we have been able to get out of the Fatigue Risk Profiler. I have been involved in quite a few investigations into incidents or near misses involving fatigue over the years and it is really interesting to hear the driver retrace his or her steps in the moments leading up to the drowsiness.

The one thing that is always consistent is the speed at which drowsiness catches you and the self-debate we can have with ourselves about how drowsy we really are, and at what point we should pull over. Anything that helps the driver proactively remove that self-debate early and eliminate the likelihood of a micro sleep is worthwhile in our book.” read more

Toro Havini

Bis Industries Divisional Risk & OHSE Manager

Basin Sands Logistics PTY LTD

Waking up to the dangers of fatigue

“The early warning feature provided the key to our decision to implement Optalert’s alertness monitoring system. We felt there would not be much point if your driver only gets an alarm after they have fallen asleep."

“That’s like retrieving the ‘black box’ after an accident. It provides interesting information but doesn’t turn back the clock or save your driver from injury."

Adam Slattery

General Manager

Protecting your assets; to work, at work and home from work
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