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Optalert's technology is now operating in numerous sites across the globe, and has been associated with some of the biggest research facilities and global blue chip companies, but we have very humble beginnings.

The history of Optalert

Optalert grew out of the research and clinical observations of Dr Murray Johns, a world authority on sleep medicine and the inventor of Optalert fatigue management technology.

During his 40 years as a clinician, Dr Johns developed a special interest in the state of drowsiness and its associated dangers for people whose very lives depend on them remaining awake at the appropriate time (such as when driving).


In 1994, the first prototype of Optalert Drowsiness Detection Glasses was created, using our patented infrared (IR) reflectance oculography to measure eye and eyelid movements.


This year, a new research and development (R&D) company called Sleep Diagnostics Pty Ltd (later to become Optalert Limited) was formed as the owner of the associated intellectual property (IP), and to fund and facilitate its further development.

Optalert Limited raised private equity capital in several steps until 2008.


During its first few years, Optalert carried out commercial prototype testing in-house, as well as in collaboration with independent research organisations, to validate the unique Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS™) in controlled laboratory settings and driving simulator studies.

JDS™ is named after its inventor and Optalert founder Dr Murray Johns.

Optalert then carried out extensive field testing of the commercial prototype with Australian transport and mining companies.


In 2008, Optalert products became commercially available.

From this point on, Optalert proceeded to develop into a commercial enterprise by adding manufacturing and distribution to the R&D function of the company.


In that time, Optalert has continually redefined and improved its software and hardware to exceed market demands, including launching a new military spec ruggedised unit in 2012.


The eagle INDUSTRIAL became the first Optalert product to use existing hardware. Lower installation time and over-the-air software updates means less down-time and increased productivity for sites across the world. Optalert begins talks to license its patented IP and algorithm to other user platforms.


The eagle PORTABLE combined with Bluetooth wireless glasses delivers a world-first, allowing mobile and transferrable all-hour drowsiness detection to ensure an operator's protection to work, at work and home from work.

Protecting your assets; to work, at work and home from work
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